kpop has literally been THE best thing that has happened to me during my 27 trips around the sun so that's what the majority of my posts will consist of...and other randomness. so bear with me and prepare for tons of my gentle Jinks
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I recently hit 1234 followers and I think that’s hella groovy so I decided to do a giveaway. It might be small, but it’s all I have to give back to you, so I’m going for it. This is my way to give back to you guys for being super awesome and making me feel better when I’m sad.

There will be one winner that will receive:

  • A copy of Jackpot with your choice of Kyung or Yukwon photocard
  • A signed poster from the Jazzy Groups showcase, signed by all members. KEEP IN MIND, there is some wear along one of the sides, as it rubbed against something, but if it is framed you will be unable to see it. If you have any questions about the wear I will send photos or explain it more if you just shoot me a message.


  • You have to be following me. (If you want to follow to take part, that’s fine. I like friends.)
  • Likes count for an extra chance.
  • Reblog as many times as you’d like, but don’t spam your friends too much.
  • No giveaway blogs please.
  • Don’t delete my rules and info pretty please~
  • Keep your inbox open so I can tell you if you’ve won.
  • Be nice to everyone. ;w;

I’m going to keep this giveaway open until November 2nd, 2014, 11:59PM EST. I’ll pick a winner at midnight.

Have fun!!!

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Like if Jonghyun or Jinki go solo we are going to have them sitting on a stool or standing there being fine as hell in a button up and jeans, just melting us with their voices. No funky pop tune. Just them, soft music and their voices.

And I will be a puddle of feels on the floor. I will melt. I will melt like ice cream in the july sun. I will be a puddle of liquid feels because thats what they cause me to do.

ugh just thinking about it makes me a little warm inside.